Professional voice-overs and audio production

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Selected student work

Class: Audio Production (DMJ 320)
Assignment: Film Sound

Students sound design a 5-minute movie clip, building everything from voices, to SFX, to ambience and music, from the ground up.

Class: Audio Production (DMJ 320)
Assignment: Radio story

This is a public radio-style project putting students in the field to cover a community-based story, often on sustainable subject matter.

Class: Digital Storytelling (DMJ 215)
Assignment: Music video

This final project in Digital Storytelling has students combine all they’ve learned in production and post-production processes to create their own music video.

Class: Audio Production (DMJ 320)
Assignment: PSA/commercial

This first Audio Production project has students write, record, and produce a :30 or :60 public service announcement or commercial.

Class: TV Studio Production (DMJ 340)
Assignment: Exercise video

This first assignment gets students going in the studio by planning, scripting, and taping a “live” show, in this case a segment on exercise. There is no post-production in this class; everything is produced live, with an emphasis on strong pre-production.

Assignment: Home & Garden segment