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Funny Boings and Atomic Bombs


Sep 11, 2013 Comments are off

In the process of producing a public radio story on Captain Kangaroo, I had the pleasure of interviewing a legend in the world of sound effects––Bob Mott. Not only did Bob create many of the sounds for the classic children’s television show (and others), he also worked for the news at a time when adding SFX to news footage was common practice. It turns out he was even called on to create a sound for an atomic bomb, as the bomb blast melted the microphones, rendering them useless. He recounts the story in my radio piece. This practice eventually went out of favor, as such manipulation of real events could go too far. “One sound effects man, the one at the 11 o’clock news, must have been a little drunk,” Mott told me. “Someone took a jump from the Brooklyn Bridge and into the water. She was committing suicide. And so you know what he did? He put a splash when she landed. And boy, did he get his neck…” Today’s news broadcasters add their own biases, for sure, but diegetic sound effects are pretty much off the table.